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Encouraging Dialog with COLW

On June 12, Bill joined Central Oregon Landwatch (COLW) on a beautiful hike right along the Deschutes River to the largest and oldest ponderosa pine in the State of Oregon.  The hike was led by COLW president Nathan Hovekamp and advocacy program manager Moey Newbold.  Moey talked about the importance of ground water protection efforts in the area.  Bill learned new bird calls, appreciated the wildlife and enjoyed friendly people.

Bill joined the hike so that he could build relationships that help solve problems.  The City of Bend and COLW often find themselves at loggerheads over land use policy.  "When the potential for conflict is high, having strong personal connections built on trust and respect is even more important”, Moseley said, “We need to bring people together, not push them apart.”

Bill’s experience growing a software company has given him insights on how to work with people and get results.  The historic pattern of making simplistic proposals and then wondering why everyone is so upset needs to end.    “Too often, our current council pokes its finger in someone’s eye.  Leaders think about the impact of their words”, Moseley commented. 

Bend has a severe housing shortage that is going to put pressure on our natural resources.  Why not start the dialog with people who want to protect those resources?  Talking to COLW, as well as the building community, makes perfect sense for finding common ground to solve Bend’s problems.

Bill will be visiting with a wide variety of people and groups who have ideas about how to help Bend remain the greatest place to live, anywhere.   Bill is not a growth-war partisan.  He listens to diverse perspectives and then uses that input to find real solutions.   

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