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Road Congestion


My success record:

  • Fixed roads with no new taxes: Despite arguments for a gas tax, I helped lead the way to fix roads with no new taxes!

  • Fixed potholes and paved roads: I argued to increase funding for street maintenance.

  • Secured State funds for Cooley: I traveled to Salem to ask the legislature to prioritize and award state funds for Cooley.

  • Led the way to fix Empire and Murphy: I rallied the council, along with residents, to prioritize Empire and Murphy project funding.

My vision:

I envision a transportation system that enables people to get around easily.  I promise common sense solutions that fit Bend’s residents, climate, demographics and land uses.  Our transportation investments should reflect the way people actually travel in Bend whether by car, bus, bike or feet. But I go beyond vision; I take action. My roads record confirms that.

Bend’s challenges:

Bend’s road construction lags far behind growth in Bend. We perpetually react to our growth, resulting in unnecessarily congested roads and neighborhood safety problems. For example, the thousands of homes built along Empire, snarled traffic for 20 years before we finally voted to complete the connection to 27th St. 

The city creates some of our road problems—intentionally. Bend purposely designs projects to frustrate motorists in hopes they ride a bus or a bike; take, for example, the Reed Market Road project and the intersection at 3rd street and Franklin. These projects fail, especially considering Bend’s four-season climate. In the snow, people choose their cars for grocery trips—not their bikes. 

Bend needs to listen to residents and build infrastructure that people clearly demand.
I hear what you and other Bend residents say about road congestion and safety in neighborhoods. I value your feedback.  Bend is Bend, not another southern California city.  We need solutions suited to distinct Bend's way of life. 

Common sense solutions:

I propose the following common-sense solutions to Bend’s congestion problems:

  • Make obvious street connections – How long before we connect Purcell? 
  • Fix broken intersections – Is waiting for six lights to change on Franklin or Purcell really necessary?
  • Maximize existing capacity – We need to synchronize our traffic signals and provide turn lanes.
  • Design roads to meet demand – Did the millions spent on Reed Market improve your commute?
  • Plan using real numbers –Bend’s current planning model assumes no tourists use our roads.  That’s right.  Bend assumes ZERO tourists when planning for road capacity!
  • Improve neighborhood safety – Why wait for an accident before we fix apparent safety issues, like the intersection of Wells Acres and Butler Market? 
  • Fix failed bus system – We need innovative, efficient mass transit in Bend, not empty buses operating under a 50-year old, fixed route bus model. 
  • Plan for the future – At some point in the future, Bend needs an Eastside parkway.  I aim to plan now before problems arise in the future.

I chose the motto, Standing up for Bend for my campaign for mayor; I plan to stand up for you on the issue of road congestion.

More on Road Congestion

Bill supports Empire Corridor Improvements
Bill voted to authorize a guaranteed maximum price amendment to the Empire Corridor Improvements Project for construction of phase 1 improvements.
August 15, 2018

Bill supports building Murphy on expedited schedule
Bill voted to authorize the use of the progressive design-build procurement and contracting method of the Murphy Corridor Improvements project.
July 18, 2018

Bill opposes allocating $3 million to tourism
Bill was the only councilor to oppose approving the Visit Bend Business Plan to allocate $3 million in tourism funding. Additional tourists only compounds our road congestion issues.
June 6, 2018

Bill attends CTAC Meeting
Bill attended the Citywide Transportation Advisory Committee meeting. The committee gave a "small thumbs up" on council's direction related to transportation.
May 30, 2018

Bill meets with CTAC chairs
Bill met with the chairs of the Citywide Transportation Advisory Committee to help them to refocus on the Council transportation goals.
May 23, 2018

Bill supports phase 1 of Empire improvements
Bill, along with the Council, authorized a contract with Otak, Inc. for owner's representative and construction management services for the Empire Corridor Improvements Project--Phase 1 in an amount not to exceed $318,579.
May 2, 2018

Bill attends Rulemaking for Transportation System Plans
Bill continues to work for sensible state transportation rules to support a growing Bend. The state seems intent on creating artificial parking shortages, getting people our of their cars and hiring more government employees. And Salem tries to extens regulatory control over local matters. Bend is not Portland, as Bendites know and love.
March 9, 2018

Bill Votes for 14th Street Reconstruction
Bill voted to authorize an agreement for construction of the 14th Street Reconstruction Project-Phase 1.
March 7, 2018

Bill Votes to Improve Empire
Bill voted to authorize a design-build agreement with Knife River Corporation for the Empire Corridor Improvements Project.
March 7, 2018

Bill Votes for $4.7 million for Street Preservation
Bill voted to authorize an agreement with Knife River Corporation-Northwest for the construction of the Street Preservation 2018 Project in the amount of $4.7 million.
March 7,2018

Bill Meets with DBBA
Bill met with DBBA and discussed transportation issues and access to downtown from the parkway.
January 10, 2018

Bill Meets with High Lakes Elementary students
Bill met with High Lakes Elementary first-grade students to talk about Bend's future.
January 2, 2018

Bill Proposes Comprehensive Transportation Goals
At council, Bill proposed Bend's transportation system support broad-based affordable housing, economic growth and retaining Bend’s livability.  For more details, see Bill’s Transportation Goals or watch the video.
Nov 1, 2017

Bill Helps Secure Road Funding
Bend's road maintenance budget more than doubled to $7.3 million. Bend’s budget increased to a record $5.2 million/year. And the legislature stepped up too with an additional $2.1 million/yr. In addition, we secured $79.6 million of city and state funds to fix East-West congestion issues, like Empire and Murphy.
July 2017

Bill Reviews Proposed Contracts
Bill reviewed proposed contracts, including the summer 2017 street maintenance contracts.  Bill suggests and encourages more competitive procurements for road maintenance.
May 15, 2017

Bill meets with MPO and approves request for state funding for Bend’s Empire and north Highway 97
May 8, 2017

Bill Meets with the Central Oregon Association of Realtors
Bill met with and received feedback from COAR on building new roads and related fees.
May 4, 2017

Bill Meets with a Constituent about BPRD
Bill met with a constituent about concerns with Bend Parks and Recreation District spending relative to the city’s budget.
May 2, 2017

Bill Meets with COBA members
Bill brainstormed ideas on building new roads and related fees with members of the Central Oregon Builders Association.
May 2, 2017

Bill provides feedback to the Galveston Avenue Corridor Parking Study on problems with safety and parking in the area.
April 27, 2017

Bill discusses funding for Empire with ODOT and MPO members.
April 25, 2017

Bill bikes with Bend Bikes to learn about cycling safety issues.
April 22, 2017

Bill met with city staff and Bend MPO members to discuss how to shape transportation issues so that the city and MPO support each other. 
April 18
The MPO should focus on larger road systems with direct connections to ODOT and the county plus intelligent transportation system management.

Bill chaired Bend Metropolitan Planning Organization meeting and planned upcoming meeting agenda for MPO.
April 13

County Commission and City Council Joint Session
April 11
Bill met to review the ways the city and county could work together to support the city’s annexation of new land and other issues of mutual concern.

Bill met with a CET Board member about the bus system; he maintains that on an average bus, there are 1 – 2 riders. 
April 10

Facts about buses:

  • Cost/Ride including buses = $8.60/ride.
  • A comparable ride on Uber costs around $6.20 and emits less pollution.
  • The city spends about the same amount from the general fund for the bus system and fixing roads – $1.7 million.  Both the bus system and roads are supported by other sources of revenue too. 
  • Peak hours on a bus cap out at 40% of capacity of the bus.
  • Many routes run with no riders at all.

Bill now serves on the Central Oregon Area Commission on Transportation (COACT); February 2017
COACT offers a forum for discussing, understanding, and coordinating the transportation issues affecting Central Oregon.

Bill now serves as board chair of the Bend Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). February 2017
The MPO represents the federally designated regional transportation planning organization for Bend.

Bill met with leaders of Central Oregon LandWatch for a discussion related to housing issues and land use.
February 2017



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