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Neighborhood Livability

My success record:

  • Instigated the Neighborhood Leadership Alliance (NLA) – The new city committee gives neighborhood associations a seat at the table on policy decisions.

  • Facilitated neighborhood conflicts – Started a process to resolve capacity and noise complaints between businesses and residents near downtown.

  • Promoted neighborhood safety – Started the process for the NLA to oversee a regular fund for neighborhood transportation safety issues.

  • Eased land use conflicts – Council agreed to explore my proposal to allow neighbors to see a simple impact summary of new developments in their neighborhood, along with an easier process for providing input. 

  • Improved downtown safety - Worked with the downtown business association and city to get approval for increased security and cleanliness in downtown and the parking garage.

My vision:

Our small-town feel starts with our friendly culture of businesses, organizations and residents that work together for a common good.  Residents love Bend for the abundant natural beauty, and the time to appreciate it.  We want the opportunity to envision our own future for our children and ourselves. But I go beyond vision; I take action. My livability record confirms that.

Bend’s Challenges:

We are loving Bend to death.  Our growth is currently haphazard at best; driven by activists at its worst.  The vast majorities of Bend residents remain unheard as the city transforms before their very eyes.  Bend residents want quiet neighborhoods and friendly people, not a reproduction of Portland’s Pearl District.  We need a council that hears the desires of residents for neighborhood compatibility, parking, and safety, among other issues.

Common sense solutions:

  • Create a vision – Engage neighborhood associations to create a strategy for a livable community through the new Neighborhood Leadership Alliance.

  • Encourage community input – Allow fair and transparent participation by neighbors into development changes that impact them.  When a major development or plan impacts the parking, height, traffic, density or use of an existing neighborhood, we need to notify those impacted. Simple notices and an opportunity for neighbors to offer their input go a long way toward resolving conflicts.

  • Change the culture at City Hall – Homeowners who care about their property and neighborhood sometimes get labeled as “NIMBYs” and other offensive names.  The city must stop arrogantly dismissing residents.

  • Neighborhood compatibility – Instead of turning the entire city into a party, slow tourism growth and provide art venues where they complement surrounding development.

  • Invite community input – Engage the real Bend! Currently, special interests fill our city committees.  Staff often follow their own agenda too.  And unfortunately, Council stays mostly asleep at the switch.  We need to make sure our efforts reflect Bendites, not just those encouraged to attend committees by special interests or an activist group.

I chose the motto, Standing up for Bend for my campaign for mayor; I plan to stand up for you on the issue of neighborhood livability.

More on Neighborhood Livability

Bill invites residents to come and speak about Juniper Ridge
Bill asked residents that wrote to him about Juniper Ridge to come and speak to the Council about their experiences. He believes the city must take care of their property and not allow Juniper Ridge to turn into a homeless camp.
August 15, 2018

Bill speaks about limiting downtown events
Bill asked BEDAB and DBBA to look at the frequency of events downtown. Bill likes a downtown for Bendites, not just a tourist destination. Bill feels concerned about downtown and asked to look at limiting events.
August 1, 2018

Bill spoke about downtown enhancements
Bill asked to have clarity on responsibilities between the city and the Downtown Bend Business Association. They also discussed the desire among downtown businesses and artists to expand the mural sign code.
August 1, 2018

Bill's Neighborhood Leadership Alliance approved
and appointed
Appointments to the NLA, that Bill proposed, occurred, with a representative chosen from each neighborhood association.
July 18, 2018

Bill asks mayor to invite the Council on Aging
The Council on Aging attended the City Council work session after Bill requested the city manager invite them.
July 18, 2018

Bill asks Council to establish traffic safety budget
Council supported Bill's idea to establish a neighborhood traffic safety budget.
June 6, 2018

Bill opposes allocating $3 million to tourism
Bill was the only councilor to oppose approving the Visit Bend Business Plan to allocate $3 million in tourism funding. Additional tourists only aggravate neighborhood livability issues, like noise and parking issues in neighborhoods.
June 6, 2018

Bill asks Council to examine land use notices for residents
At the May 2 Council meeting Bill got the Council to support examining the development notices we provide residents of neighborhoods. They referred the issue to the newly formed Neighborhood Leadership Alliance (NLA).

May 2, 2018

Bill asks Council to limit tourism promotion
At a Council meeting, Bill proposed, but could not get council to agree to limit tourism promotion. As long as demand outstrips supply, housing prices will rise.
April 18, 2018

Noise Variance Appeal at Council Meeting
Bill voted in favor to uphold the City Manager's decision regarding a noise variance permit issued to Crow's Feet Commons. Bill feels committed to follow the current rules of the noise ordinance and to help people get along.
March 7, 2018

Limiting Noise discussion at Council Meeting
Bill convinced staff to look at limiting noise in residential neighborhoods.
January 3, 2018

Improved Downtown Safety
Bill took a stand on downtown safety, helping to bring attention to downtown safety matters. The City and DBBA worked together to make downtown a safe place to work and shop.
August 2017


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